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Kutschfahrten im Erzgebirge
Give us a call for more information. Pferdehof Bretschneider

Tel.: +49(0)37342/7739 or send us a E-mail

  • Sleigh ride to the ski area
  • Reservoir Cranzahl, Bärenstein, Naturpath

Horse drawn carriage to Oberwiesenthal - Horse drawn carriages to the ski area on the Fichtelberg. From Sehmatal Neudorf to the Liftstation Himmelsleiter

at about 3000 ft. ASL

Experience a beautiful outing with our horse-drawn sleighs through the snow covered winter forest at the Fichtelberg toward Oberwiesenthal. For those, who want to relax in this romantic atmosphere in the fresh air of the forest, romantische Pferdeschlittenfahrtcuddled up under warm blankets, a sleigh ride is the ultimate adventure. We are starting out with the horse-drawn sled tour to the winter sports area at the Fichtelberg and the Restaurant "Siebensäure" in Sehmatal Neudorf. On the way to the highest village of Saxony we will not only meet hikers or skiers but with a little bit of luck we might see some four-legged inhabitants of the forest.

romantische PferdeschlittenfahrtAfter a good half hour we'll come to the first mountain hut on the Gifthüttenstraße (1) at 3050 ft. ASL (above sea level). A few minutes later our sleds cross the river Weiße Sehma (2). From this view point you can see the Spitzberg, Pöhlberg and Bärenstein. If you book your sleigh ride in the afternoon we can show you on the return trip the ore-mountain village of Neudorf in the Sehmatal as it's Christmas decoration glitters in the dusk.

romantische PferdeschlittenfahrtNow our sled leaves the Gifthüttenstraße. We are turning off into a side street toward the skilift. There we find the mountain hut at the Seltmannweg (3) at 3084 ft. ASL. This is a favorite resting place for hikers throughout the year. Along the Seltmannweg we come to a stunning brook bridge (4) where you can listen to the gurgling of the wellspring waters. This little creek is one of many tributaries to the Sehma in the valley between Fichtelberg and Annaberg-Buchholz.

romantische PferdeschlittenfahrtNow we progress directly to the mountain hut at the Himmelsleiter (5) at 3200 ft. ASL and the lift station at the foot of the Fichtelberg, which is simultaneously the highest mountain of Saxony and the highest point of our trip. We wont press our horses to climb the last 985ft. of altitude. Instead you can enjoy some warming mulled wine and watch the skiers arrive on lift E. Very close by we see the sports hotel Jens Weissflog and the sportsbar Waldeck.

romantische PferdeschlittenfahrtNow we are ready to return to our initial starting point "Gaststätte Siebensäure". Another opportunity to enjoy the romantic snowcovered fairytale forest and to gain a permanent impression of this winter wonderland.

Distance: 10 miles; Duration: appr. 2 hours.

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Horse sledge rides through the snow-covered Ore Mountains

We are pleased to welcome you here at the pyramid in Kretscham for a ride on a horse drawn sledge. Come visit us. Full of romance - as you might remember from the film "Three hazelnuts for Cindarella" - we will drive you with our horse drawn carriages or stage coaches through the beautiful landscape of the Ore Mountains. Mit unserem Pferdeschlitten im Erzgebirge fahren We begin in an easterly direction, leaving the Fichtelberg behind us along the tributary to the reservoir. We ride through dense romantic woodland with ancient growth trees of 200 years or more - right through to the Cranzahl Reservoir, which supplies large parts of the surrounding areas of Ehrenfriedersdorf and Annaberg-Buchholz with precious drinking water. A few more right turns and there to the left we see the "Blue pearl at the Bärenstein" the beautiful dam and reservoir of Cranzahl. Erzgebirgskreis der etwas andere Winterdienst Dark blue in the summer months, surrounded by spectacular pine forests, enchanting now in deep snow and covered with glittering ice.
We proceed now to the border town of Bärenstein. As we leave the forest behind us our horse sledge takes us directly to the old army grounds which until the 1980s were occupied by the army corps of engineers. While we are here at the little mountain village of Bärenstein at the czech border we recommend a rest stop at the inn of "Waldesruh". The restaurant staff is looking forward to cater to das ergibt eine Kutschfahrt im Winter your every wish. A fantastic four course menu or a coup of coffee - just as you wish. While we are fortifying ourselves here in the very cozy atmosphere of the restaurant for the second part of the winterly tour with the two- or four horse drawn sleighs, our horses are relaxing outside nibbling on an extra large portion of oats.
So lets now continue before dusk settles - we still have a good little sleigh ride through the Ore Mountains ahead of us. We are now leaving the border town of Bärenstein and romantische Pferdeschlittenfahrt turn into the woods at the foot of the nearly 3000 feet high Bärenstein. Here you have again a wonderful view of the czech border town of Weigert (Vejprty) and of the forest stadium of Bärenstein. This is the soccer stadium of FSV Bärenstein. We are now riding through snow-covered woods past the old bismuth mining shafts toward Niederschlag. In this small hamlet we are looking to the left to the Pöhlbach, the creek which forms the border between the German and the Czech country side. We also spot the small town of Neugeschrei (Novy Zvolani), a place where old mining traditions still are in vogue. We are now approaching the train station of Niederschlag, which lies slightly outside the town itself. Cheerfully our horses cross the train tracks and then move alongside the tracks. Sometimes we are greeted here with a happy whistle from the passing Fichtelbergbahn. Don't worry, the horses are quite used to this and will occasionally return a friendly whinny.
Almost at the end of this tour we are now entering the most beautiful part of the ride - the nature trail of Kretscham. You can enjoy the quiet in this truly enchanted fairy tale forest. You also might find the well placed explanatory signs interesting and instructive. Once again we will pass the sheep station with a view to the ski area of Neudorf (also known as Paulusberg skiing area). With the view of the Fichtelberg we now come to the end of our horse drawn sledge ride through the wintry Ore Mountains.
We would be pleased to know that you will share your enjoyment of this unforgettable sledge ride in the vicinity of the Fichtelberg near Oberwiesenthal and that you will tell your friends and acquaintances of the wonderful memories of horses sledges, snow and winter in the Ore Mountains.

Upon request we are offering custom tailored tours for your enjoyment.

Give us a call for more information. Pferdehof Bretschneider

Tel.: +49(0)37342/7739 or send us a E-mail



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Hochzeitskutschen fahren rund um den Fichtelberg bei Oberwiesenthal
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