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Kutschfahrten im Erzgebirge
Give us a call for more information. Pferdehof Bretschneider

Tel.: +49(0)37342/7739 or send us a E-mail

  • Carriage rides 2h
  • Rent a Carriage for a Day
  • Wedding-carriage

Kutschfahrten im Erzgebirge - Kremserfahrten zum Fichtelberg oder mit der Pferdekutsche nach Oberwiesenthal

Start with us near the Fichtelberg(Erzgebirge) for a ride with one of our comfortable horse-drawn carriages. Or discover the beautiful nature of the ore mountains with an unforgettable wagon ride drawn by a team of 4 horses. Mit dem Kremser oder der Pferdekutsche zum Fichtelberg fahren We have 7 large cross-bred horses which we can combine as nesessary for the team of 4. If you want to go for a ride with the carriage or the wagon you can hop on either at the pyramid in Kretscham, or directly at our horse ranch.You can tell us your wishes . Here we will contact you right away. We'll gladly pick you up at your hotel or restaurant in Sehmatal/Neudorf. From Neudorf, very close to the Fichtelbergbahn, we'll start with our modern carriages in a north-easterly direction up the hill along the woods to the Habichtsberg. Here we have a wonderful view to the Pöhlberg near Annaberg-Buchholz and the Bärenstein. kleine Talsperre im Erzgebirge Copyright: Bernd März For now, we will leave the Fichtelberg behind us. For the first few kilometers we have an extensive view of the Sehmatal between Cranzahl and Neudorf. Once we reach the 800m mark we are turning into the woods and cross the feeder stream to the Cranzahl reservoir. Here we can take a short rest if you wish. Now we are getting close to the Bärenstein mountain. Here at the foot of this mountain we leave the romantic Cranzahler Woods and enter the township of Bärenstein. We are now about half-way through with our carriage ride so this is the ideal location for a lunch break. You can enjoy the hospitality of the Restaurant Waldesruh Gemühtliche Gaststätte im Erzgebirge and fortify yourself for the second stage of the ride. Off we go past the forest stadium and the Pölbach which forms the border between the Czech Republic and the Bohemian Ore Mountains. To the left we see the czech part of Bärenstein, the hamlet of Weipert (Vejprty). We bypass the small ore mountain village of Niederschlag on the north-east. Opposite the valley which separates Germany from the Czech Republic we find the village of Neugeschrei. In the year 1550 debris containing large quantities of silver were found under a fallen spruce tree right here, bringing new life to the area. In the 19th century the applique manufacturers Steck, Wolf and Kanneberger sponsored the building and decorating of the Heart Jesu church. After the second world war the dilapidated structure was rebuild with generous monetary gifts from former inhabitants as well as german and austrian dioceses. If you wish we can stop here at Café Reichel. After some delicious ice cream Copyright: Olaf Guettler we continue past the train station Niederschlag where we might be in luck and meet the Fichtelbergbahn. Alongside the small spur track we find ourselves on an interesting nature trail on our way back to our home at Sehmatal-Neudorf.

Perhaps you would like our carriage to take you back directly to your hotel?

Where we start and finish our carriage rides you may decide yourself if you are so inclined. But please keep in mind that certain preparations for our horse-drawn carriages with a team of 4 horses are necessary and should be discussed with us beforehand. Our carriage trips at the Fichtelberg can be planned individually, however, to give consideration toward our animals we would like to limit excursions to within 30km around Oberwiesental or the Pferdehof Bretschneider in Sehmatal/Neudorf.

Unfortunately our prices have to reflect expenditures we incur for our carriage horses, who enjoy 3 meals a day and when necessary are given expert veterinary treatment -
but we believe the charges are reasonable for such a wonderful experience.

You may also rent our carriages or wagons for the day.

We can plan those about 8 hour- long day rides individually with you. We will drive approximately 40km with our horse-drawn carriages around Sehmatal Neudorf, the Fichtelberg and Oberwiesenthal. Bei uns können Sie eine Pferdekutsche oder einen Kremser mieten

This day trip could include several possible stops; e.g. the Fichtelberg, the Keilberg (Klinovec) or Mt. Bärenstein. If we were to include all the hills in our area we could add the Große Spitzberg (Velky Spicak), the Schmiedeberger Spitzberg, the Pöhlberg near Annaberg Buchholz and the Sauberg with the pewter mine in Ehrenfriedersdorf (Zinngrube Ehrenfriedersdorf). And where we have mountains we also have valleys. A day trip excursion with our horse-drawn carriage to the reservoir Presnitz (vodni nadrz Prisecnice) would take us through the beautiful landscape of the bohemian Erzgebirge.

For another enjoyable trip you could rent from us the horse-drawn wagon or the horse-drawn carriage to take you to the border town of Oberwiesenthal. You can continue your excursion from Othal with the Fichtelberg mountain railway (Fichtelbergbahn). This will bring you to Cranzahl, where you could connect with the German Federal Railway (Deutsche Bundesbahn). We would also be happy to pick you up at any of the narrow-track railway stations and take you to your hotel or to your vacation rental in the Erzgebirge. With our horse-drawn carriages we can also take you from your Hotel or B&B in Sehmatal Neudorf and environs to the Fichtelberg mountain railway.

En route with our carriages we have plenty of opportunity to see the towers of the upper reservoir of the pumping station Markersbach. Next to the pumping station and reservoir Goldistal in Thüringen, this Powerplant Markersbach is the second largest of its kind in Germany.

As we move away from the mountain ridge of the Erzgebirge we drive in a northerly direction towards the Paulusberg. Here we have the ski slopes of Neudorf with the ski lift - better known as the ski slopes on Paulusberg (Skigebiet am Paulusberg), and after climbing a bit we find ourselves at the Crottendorfer forest. Have you ever visited the Museum of Schnaps (Schnapsmuseum Crottendorf), in Crottendorf?

Destinations for additional excursions are nearby. There are the czech townships of Bozi Dar, Nove Zvolany, Bosidarske raseliniste (with the nature walk Gottesgaber Peat Bog), the place of commemoration Ryžovna (Seifen) and the National Park Ocean south of the village of Pernink. Our Neudorfer Bog Street probably got its name from the Gottesgaber Peat Bog.

On Father’s Day are you still pulling the cart with the drinks yourself? Our suggestion for a father’s day party would be to rent a horse-drawn carriage or wagon from us and just load up the beer barrel. Experience with us the ever changing nature of the Erzgebirge via carriage or wagon - you can book either one with us. Should it rain - even on this father’s day - you could be totally relaxed and look down from our carriage upon your handcart pulling, thoroughly soaked buddies and cheer. Perhaps you would like to start the carriage ride from Oberwiesenthal, Schlettau or Scheibenberg? Whichever way you chose, we are very flexible.

Are you from Saxony? Are you planning your next Whitsuntide excursion? You are very lucky - the google search has lead you to our establishment. Our professional horse-drawn carriages will make your excursion unforgettable. A carriage with two horses is the usual offer, but here with us you will ride in style. We will use 4 hefty cross-bred horses for our carriages. We offer a team of four horses for our horse-drawn carriages or horse-drawn wagons which will be an unforgettable experience here with us in the Erzgebirge. Whether for Easter or for Whitsuntide, our horse-drawn carriages will drive you for whatever occasion according to your very individual wishes.


If you rent our wedding carriage your wedding day will be even more unforgettable.

Hochzeitskutsche in Sehmatal Neudorf in Annaberg in Oberwiesenthal und am FichtelbergWe will pick you up at your door and drive you to the church or to city hall. After the ceremony we could be available for you all day. On this most beautiful day of your life we could drive you around in our festively decorated wedding carriage.

With our festively decorated wedding carriage we will drive bride and groom to the church or to city hall and back.

festliche Hochzeitskutsche


We would be happy to accompany you on longer rides on your wedding day - perhaps drive you to locations in the neighbourhood for some magical wedding photos.

Fotoshooting Braut und Bräutigam

Although we cannot offer you everything for your wedding, we will be very happy to assist with the dream of every bride - to help her after the ceremony to climb into the wedding carriage with her groom ... Yes, you can count on us for that.

Let us know what would make this perfect for you

...nothing is impossible.



Give us a call for more information. Pferdehof Bretschneider

Tel.: +49(0)37342/7739 or send us a E-mail



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